WEEK. 19.07.19

Welcome to your Friday dose of WEEK: a round-up of what's dropped over the last seven days.

Louis Vuitton’s Neon Green Pop-Up

Louis Vuitton and Virgil Abloh’s latest pop-up in New York is a neon explosion. Every surface is covered in luminous green, with the designer drawing inspiration from green screens — visitors are encouraged to use the space and walls to create their own videos.

The store is laid out like a messy teenage bedroom — a PlayStation connected to the TV, a rogue coffee mug sitting on a radiator, a guitar and amp — and admits visitors one at a time.

Image Source: Louis Vuitton
Image Source: Louis Vuitton

The pop-up’s location in the gritty Lower East Side, far away from Louis Vuitton’s flagship store, was a surprise. It’s another example of Virgil detaching luxury from its old connotations, be they cultural, aesthetic or even geographical.

Puma Football - 'Find your Flow' Ambassador Campaign

In line with the release of Puma football’s Anthem boots comes a new campaign from the brand entitled ‘Find your Flow’.

The short film and visuals present a unique mix of football and culture, creating a musical and visual profile of ten Puma ambassadors.

Image Source: The Drum

Image Source: The Drum

Star players including Luis Suarez, David Silva and Ada Hegerberg were involved in the project, which includes playlists, music videos and original tracks created by DJ V!ktor (now available on Spotify).

The videos and tracks come together in a two-minute film that describes how the ambassadors define ‘Flow’.

Gucci Arcade

The Gucci app’s latest addition is a platform that journeys through the history of gaming, coinciding with the story of the brand. It starts with the 8-bit era and goes all the way through to today’s mobile-first gaming culture.

Image Source: LSN
Image Source: LSN

Inspired by the vintage gaming aesthetic of the 70s and 80s, the games facilitate a new kind of relationship between consumers and the luxury brand.

Similar to Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton, Alessandro Michele is bringing a playful approach to luxury and reinventing what the category means in 2019.

Dumbgood X Blockbuster Pop-Up

Dumbgood pride themselves on bringing retro brands and pop culture favourites back with covetable T-shirts and merch.

Their latest drop celebrates now-defunct household favourite Blockbuster. For the launch they recreated one of the brand’s iconic video stores.

Alongside a ton of cool fashion and merch drops, Dumbgood’s curation of nostalgic memories is a sure-fire winner.

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

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