WEEK: 08.03.19

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MedMen makes cannabis the new normal

MedMen, one of the largest cannabis dispensaries in the US has declared cannabis is the new normal.

Their latest ad, directed by Spike Jonze follows the journey weed has come from being grown by George Washington to hundreds of years of prohibition, which brought tough prison sentences and the arrest of 1000’s of African Americans.

The ad then goes on to show how Cannabis can have its positives including wellness and relaxation.

“The symbol of counter-culture is, at long last, just culture,” reads the voice over. “It’s normal again. Here’s to the new normal”.


Coffee brand distorts traditional craft design

When we think of premium coffee brands, we tend to think artisan, craftsmanship, heritage and a nice CSR story.

Image Source: LSN
Image Source: LSN

Texan coffee brand Superthing is redefining the way coffee is communicated, with a surrealist brand identity that uses abstract and satirical illustration.

Halo Top’s bleak new commercials

In a refreshing move away from traditional ice cream advertising, Halo Top has released a new series of shorts that highlight the trials and tribulations of adult life.

The ads are built around an insight that, ‘It's not kids but grownups who really need ice cream, to assuage the indignities of modern adult life as well as the terrors of mortality’.

Image Source: Halo Top
Image Source: Halo Top

Using the line ‘Ice Cream for Adults’, the commercials mock the difficulties of mortgages, online dating and terrible jobs.

Halo Top

Lady Gaga gets to No1 with the help of fake Starbucks ads

“Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters”, her tribe of die hard fans set up an ingenious guerrilla marketing campaign to get her new single, “shallow” to number 1.

Gaga fans circulated fake news over social that if you shared a screenshots of yourself listening to the “A Star Is Born” song, Starbucks customers would get a voucher for a free drink.

Image Sources: Twitter
Image Sources: Twitter

Starbucks were quick to call out the scam, but as the scam turned into a major meme it might have been better for Starbucks to react fast and ride the free publicity wave.


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