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Nike ‘Jesus Shoes’ take collab culture to almighty level

The hottest thing in streetwear this week? A customised pair of Nike Air Max 97 with holy water in the soles and a crucifix on the laces.

Created by Brooklyn-based studio MSCHF, the Frankincense-scented ‘Jesus Shoes’ come complete with Vatican-inspired red insoles and an inscription from Matthew 14:25. The water was sourced directly from the River Jordan.

Image Source: DesignBoom
Image Source: DesignBoom

If collab culture is starting to feel like one big trolling session, at least MSCHF were upfront about their intentions. “We wanted to make a statement about how absurd collab culture has gotten,” head of commerce Daniel Greenberg told the New York Post. “We were wondering, what would a collab with Jesus Christ look like?”

With the $1,425 trainers selling out immediately and fetching up to eight times that price online, the creators of this godly/sacrilegious footwear are having the last laugh.

Airbnb asks KISS to serenade sharks

Meanwhile, in Australia… Legendary rockers KISS are set to perform exclusively to an audience of great white sharks – and eight humans.

In the first of Airbnb’s new ‘Animal Experiences’, the band will play their hits on a boat off the coast of Port Lincoln, South Australia. While they rock out on deck, the select group of guests will descend in a submarine to observe the sharks.

Matt Waller, who is hosting the event alongside shark expert Dr Blake Chapman, said great whites have distinct personalities and even musical preferences. Of the decision to blast the predators with the KISS back catalogue, he explained: “Humans will be entertaining the sharks, not the other way around.”

Image Source: AirBnB
Image Source: AirBnB

Airbnb says it hopes its animal events will give people “a deeper understanding of animals”, adding that “even busy urbanites” have an opportunity to reconnect with nature.

The brand appear to be tapping into a growing public interest in, and concern for, the natural world. All proceeds from the KISS concert will go to a marine conservation charity.

Jeff Koons splits opinion with tulips in Paris

A new Jeff Koons sculpture pays tribute to the victims of the 2015 terror attacks in Paris, but not everyone is loving the work.

The Bouquet of Tulips, located at the Le Petit Palais gallery near the Champs-Elysees, has drawn some unimpressed reactions from locals. Philosopher Yves Michaud got straight to the point by describing it as “eleven coloured anuses mounted on stems”.

Image Source: BBC
Image Source: BBC

Koons has said the sculpture represents US solidarity with the French people, and referenced his own experience of living in New York after 9/11. Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, for one, is a fan. She called the sculpture a "beautiful gift".

The backlash was expected – all major artists steel themselves for a storm whenever a prominent work goes into a public space. And Koons is no stranger to criticism, having polarised opinion in the art world for his entire career.

Fashion Week spaces demand a closer look

This season’s fashion weeks have just drawn to a close, and the sets created by leading fashion houses to show their collections were more innovative than ever.

If the action in New York, London, Milan and Paris passed you by, Frame magazine has collected the highlights of some seriously immersive and imaginative spaces.

Our favourites include Balenciaga’s European Parliament-referencing blue spiral runway in Paris (it looks a lot cooler than it sounds) and the ‘inclusive garden’ from Dior.

Image Source: FRAME
Image Source: FRAME

For the third year in a row, Anya Hindmarch (labelled “the Willy Wonka of set design” by Vogue) chose to avoid the traditional runway format entirely. In London, her tessellated red Postbox Maze invited visitors to navigate its winding pathways and discover literary correspondence from around the world.

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