WEEK: 08.02.19

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Spotlight on Nike’s new stores

Nike’s new flagship concept the 'House of Innovation’ (Shanghai & New York) offers a view into the future of connected retail.

The store is part venue, part museum and part third space, featuring four storey video walls, digital mannequins and a digitally-enabled, motion-sensitive Centre Court to host talks, workshops and digitally-led training sessions.

Image Source: Accept & Proceed
Image Source: Accept & Proceed

Customers are encouraged to collaborate with a member of Nike’s design team to create customised product in the ‘Nike By You’ space.

Thinking about the ‘smart cities’ of the future, Nike are a good example of a brand finding ways for objects, devices and physical environments to communicate and enhance one another.


Daniel Arsham – Connecting Time Exhibition, Amsterdam

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

‘Connecting time’ from New York based artist Daniel Arsham is doing the rounds on Instagram this month.

The experience features an amethyst ball cavern and a mid-century room calcified in a crystal glaze. Following on from the success of other ‘Insta ready’ artists like Yayoi Kusama and James Turrell, this installation is already becoming a destination for the perfect picture.

Moco Museum

Expensify’s latest ad is an interactive music video

Expensify, the expenses app, have released an interactive music video featuring rapper 2Chainz.

Their Super Bowl commercial asked viewers to snap a photo of the QR codes in the video using the Expensify app, then expense them for a chance to get actual cash.

A decent example of a campaign that gives a functional tech brand some emotional character.

Interaction has been a hot topic for 2019 - with Black Mirror’s hugely hyped interactive ‘Bandersnatch’ episode. Might we expect to see a surge in interactive adverts?

New Emojis for 2019

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter

A new range of emojis have been released for 2019, with a focus on gender inclusivity, interracial relationships and disabled emojis.

A sloth, flamingo and waffles are accompanied by a drop of blood, signifying periods, and a ‘pinching’ emoji which you can draw your own conclusion about.

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