WEEK: 21.03.19

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Nike Virtual Pop-Up ‘720 Air Store’

Nike has launched a virtual pop-up shop, where only their loyal customers have access to the full range.

Credits earned from previous purchases are used to buy limited-edition items.

Image Source: Nike
Image Source: Nike

Avatar versions of London-based designer Mini Swoosh, England footballer Raheem Sterling and DJ Peggy Gou are on-hand to assist customers in the shopping journey, rotating on a weekly basis.

720 Air Store

Bibles designed for the Instagram generation

There aren’t many products left which haven’t been reimagined with Instagram in mind. Maybe tractors? Printers? Bibles?

Oh, wait… Christian start-up Alabaster is redefining the Bible for the Instagram generation.

Founder, Brian Chung, was working as a campus minister in the States when he decided something was wrong with the way the Bible was being marketed.

Image Sources: Instagram
Image Sources: Instagram

“People love to say print is dead, but specialty printing is very much alive. Typically, Bibles in people’s homes are placed on a bookshelf and are not the centrepiece of a house. But people are telling me Alabaster Bible’s are their new coffee-table book of choice.”

The Kinfolk, Scandi vibes have resonated with young Christians and non-Christians alike, they’ve appeared in coffee shops, fashion boutiques and interior design blogs, with Chung expecting to sell $1million worth of Instagram friendly bibles this year.

Supermoon Bakehouse’s ‘Stay Wild Moon Child' Beer

From Bibles to cronuts. Our favourite New York bakery, Supermoon Bakehouse, has collaborated with brewers Other Half NYC and Garage Project on a playful stout.

The beer is an Imperial Porter with Cacao Nibs, Banana, Vanilla, Almonds and Caramelised Croissants.

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

Along with the huge demand for craft lagers and IPA’s, stout and porters are also having a resurgence, with unique flavours and combinations packaged in cans with playful graphic illustrations.

Instagram Shopping just got easier

Image Source: Recode
Image Source: Recode

It’s the week the world went wild for Instagram’s new shopping feature, allowing users who tap on Instagram’s product tags on shopping posts to buy such items without leaving the app.

“Checkout with Instagram” launched on Tuesday in the US first, with more than 20 retailers trialling the move, including Nike, Adidas, Dior, H&M, MAC Cosmetics, Prada, Uniqlo, Warby Parker, and Zara.

The move doesn’t just give Facebook a direct cut of each sale, but also allows the platform to collect data that they’ll leverage in their paid targeting.

Instagram’s influence over young consumer purchases continues to skyrocket, and according to Y Pulse, 72% of Gen Z & Millennials are open to buying products on social media.


Stats of the WEEK

40% The amount to which the overall luxury goods market will be, by 2025, be represented by Gen Z (an increase from 30% in 2016) - Stylus

About 67% of Gen Zers claim that being true to your own beliefs ultimately makes a person cool (Irregular Labs, 2018).

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