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This WEEK: Oatly celebrates love handles, Liam launches parka appeal, Palace skates into Shanghai and is Black Friday going green?

Oatly goes big on vegan indulgence

Oatly has launched its new ice cream in the UK with a larger-than-life campaign that debunks the idea of veganism being synonymous with health.

The Swedish brand installed a huge tub of its salted caramel flavour outside Shoreditch High Street station, along with a billboard reading “Don’t look now, but there’s a giant tub of ice cream trying to get your attention.”

Other ads, including billboards at Waterloo and Euston, proclaimed “From Oatly with love handles.” Creative Director at Oatly Michael Lee said the brand was taking a playful approach to championing plant-based indulgence.

Image Source: Oatly
Image Source: Oatly

“This launch campaign hopes to prove a point to the non-believers out there that being plant-based and progressive doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be decadent and well, even a little reckless,” he explained.

The vegan market is projected to reach $140 billion in sales by 2029 and Oatly continues to lead the way as a brand that speaks its mind, with a healthy dose of humour.

Liam Gallagher wants your parka

Manchester royalty and famous arguer Liam Gallagher has launched a campaign to combat homelessness using his favourite form of outerwear.

The singer is asking all ‘Parka Monkeys’ around the UK and Ireland to donate a warm coat or parka in return for a chance to win two tickets to his headline tour, as well as a meet-and-greet with the man himself.

Image Source: Liam Gallagher
Image Source: Liam Gallagher

Each donation will go towards one of four charities dedicated to helping people who sleep rough. "No one plans on being homeless. Yet 5,000 people in the UK sleep on the streets on any given. We're asking you to help this winter," Liam wrote on Instagram.

Parka Monkeys are members of the 'Liam Gallagher' religion, in which parkas are, for lack of a better phrase, a sacred symbol. The former Oasis frontman is well-known for his long-term commitment to the parka – but who knew the furry-hooded anoraks could be a force for change?

Palace pops up in Shanghai

British skate brand Palace popped up in Shanghai this month with its latest ranges on deck.

The streetwear cult set up shop in the famous Arkham nightclub, where it swapped electronic music and live parties for new drops and collabs. Fans camped outside overnight to be the first to see the anticipated Juventus collaboration, as well as the Week Five Drop from the Winter 2019 collection.

Shanghai is the London-based brand’s latest venture, following openings in Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Image Source: JingDaily
Image Source: JingDaily

“It was a natural evolution for us. Do stuff in new places where people like our clothes rather than just a cool location or place to do something,” said founder Lev Tanju, adding that Palace does not currently have a long-term plan for breaking China.

We’ve seen signs that Chinese consumers have begun to distance themselves from established brands as they develop an identity independent of Western influence. But by the looks of the Palace pop-up, the cultural love affair is not over just yet.

Brands opt out of Black Friday

Today’s wild discount bonanza is an extremely big deal for the retail industry, but the number of brands choosing to shun Black Friday is growing.

Earlier this month, a collective of more than 300 clothing companies known as Make Friday Green Again asked shoppers not to buy anything in the annual sale, arguing that it promotes needless consumption.

Image Source: nowymarketing
Image Source: nowymarketing

“Today we don't buy what we need; we buy because we are tempted,” said Nicolas Rohr, co-founder of French eco-friendly clothing company Faguo. “We want people to focus on what they already have in their wardrobes then, if you really need something more you can buy it.”

While giants such as Amazon continue to ramp up the Black Friday hype each November, the rise of conscious consumerism and the principled stand taken by the likes of Patagonia and footwear brand Allbirds raises questions about the event’s long-term future.


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