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Rentable Reeboks launched in Stockholm

The so-called shareable economy is growing rapidly – but would you rent a pair of trainers? Reebok seems to be testing the proposition with a new launch in Stockholm.

Noting that electric scooters are now so popular in the city that people may be “scooting straight into bad health” by not walking more often, the sports brand is offering GPS-fitted shoes to hire for short sessions.

Image Source: resume
Image Source: resume

The trainers use the same tracking technology as rentable scooters and can be unlocked with a QR code. A video announcing the initiative reveals that Reebok wants to help people “rediscover their feet”.

“We saw an opportunity to remind people how beneficial it is to move around more. It doesn’t have to be hard to fit it into your day,” explained Reebok Nordics’ brand director Nicolas Nath.

Aldi entertains with Kevin the Carrot’s return

Kevin the Carrot is back for another Christmas, this time starring in an improbable mash-up of Peaky Blinders and Robbie Williams.

Aldi’s latest effort to capture our imaginations for the festive period sees Kevin go up against a gang of Leafy Blinders, led by the villainous Russell Sprout, before belting out a seasonal (arguably improved) version of a Williams classic.

If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s better than it sounds – family fun with a light touch that successfully finds the now-familiar character something new to do. The initial social media response appears positive, laying down the yuletide marketing gauntlet for other big brands once more.

The ad is also notable for striking a particularly confident and celebratory tone, perhaps reflecting Aldi’s rise from market challenger to major player in the retail business over the last few Christmases.

Apple goes larger than life for AirPods Pro

Apple’s AirPods Pro arrived with a big and loud campaign that harks back to the original iPod ads.

The brand announced its latest earbuds – described by Wired as “so good it’s almost annoying” – by adorning billboards, walls and storefronts in cities around the world with giant dancers. It also brought the figures to life with a 30-storey video projection above its Fifth Avenue store in New York.

Image Source: Campaign
Image Source: Campaign

It’s a big statement that perhaps reveals Apple’s shifting priorities. With iPhone sales declining fast, the tech giant is increasingly pushing other products and accessories, such as £250 noise-cancelling earphones.

But there’s another development in the mix too. ‘Switch off’ culture means many people are becoming more conscious about spending too much time attached to their devices. The wireless earbuds allow you to live in the moment while still being connected.

Palace x Juventus sends fans wild

Has the surprise hook-up between Palace and Juventus set a new standard for sports/streetwear collabs?

Hailed as “spectacular” by HighSnobiety, the partnership brought the London skate brand/streetwear giant together with one of Europe’s biggest football clubs in an unprecedented move.

Via kit supplier adidas, Palace equipped Juventus – home to stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala – with a special-edition shirt for their league game against Genoa. A splash of fluorescent green and the club’s famous stripes fading into a trippy black-and-white check was enough to prompt wild celebrations on style blogs.

Image Source: Palace
Image Source: Palace

“The design process was really working out how to make it Juventus, but with a Palace edge – a bit wonky and crazy,” founder Lev Tanju told the Guardian.

Palace is always praised for its irreverence and underground cool, but this move could also be sign of maturation. The route into more traditional forms of sponsorship should help the brand grow beyond its core audience.


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