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Pokémon Sleep Game

When Pokémon Go came out in 2016 it revolutionised the gaming industry. Turning walking into a game, in a bid to capture as many augmented reality Pokémon characters as you can.

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter

Now, The Pokémon Company is back with a new product, ‘Pokémon Sleep’. Although there isn’t much information available, it seems the company wants to gamify our sleep with the length and quality of your night affecting gameplay.

Pokémon Sleep will come with a device called the Pokémon Go Plus: a small device that spends the night in your bed collecting data about your sleeping habits.

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter

With sleep becoming an increasingly hot topic in the wellness world, on the surface it looks like a great idea. But, a darker side looms beneath the innocent Pokémon veneer, as it’s also a way for large organisations to monetise every waking minute of our lives by selling on data about our sleeping patterns.

23andMe & Airbnb Create DNA-inspired Travel Experiences

10 years ago, getting a DNA test to establish your ancestry was only reserved for the super rich or those on Jeremy Kyle. But not anymore. Now, there are multiple brands available that offer genetic testing kits to try at home for as little as $80.

Image Source: 23andMe
Image Source: 23andMe

These companies have been hugely successful, and are now attempting to move into the lifestyle space.

Proving once again that Airbnb is continuously at the forefront of travel innovation, the company has partnered with 23andMe to create local DNA inspired travel experiences, giving users the option to quickly find travel options based on the countries where their ancestors hailed from.

IKEA’s Hyper Personalised Shopping Experience

This years’ ‘art collection’ - a series of rugs by artists and designers - was IKEA’s most popular collection to date thanks to high-profile collaborators like Virgil Abloh (Creative Director of Louis Vuitton Mens), Craig Green (British Fashion Designer) and Filip Pagowski (the man behind Commes de Garcons’ heart logo).

Thanks to the hype, relatively limited numbers of the rugs found their way onto eBay for massively inflated prices.

To try and combat this, IKEA has developed a system which means only the people who “loved” their products can buy them.

Image Source: IKEA
Image Source: IKEA

The brand created a special “He(art) Scanner” that tracked shoppers’ brainwaves and heart rates when they observed each rug. If the scanners read the excitement, or even love, the customers were then given the option to purchase the piece. If not, they were sent along to the next product in the lineup.

Unfortunately, it’s done little to stop some resellers with Virgil Abloh’s “KEEP OFF” rug going for six times the original price on eBay.

Star Wars New Theme Park

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

Star Wars fans rejoice!

Disneyland has revealed the first images of ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ the hotly anticipated $1billion immersive theme park that will transport visitors to the Black Spire Outpost on the remote planet Batuu.

Image: Daily Hive
Image: Daily Hive

We’ll be watching closely for the new technology and experiences Disney have included in the park. For now, we know visitors can pilot the Millennium Falcon, customise their own lightsabers and drink Blue Milk at Oga’s Cantina.

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87% of US Gen Zers consider themselves artistic (JWT)

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