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THIS WEEK: Selfridges discovers a future Christmas, grime star JME doesn’t release a digital album, Diesel’s new T-shirts are worth millions and Dior goes to Miami with Stussy.

Selfridges shows us Christmas 3019

If you favour a cool, conceptual Christmas over the more mundane festive fare peddled by many brands, Selfridges have got you covered.

The Corner Shop section of the Oxford Street store has been taken over by artist Daniel Arsham, whose vision of a futuristic family home now fills the space.

Of course, the typical family residence of 3019 is still stocked with consumer goods. Shoppers are treated to Arsham’s unique take on everything from Heinz tomato soup to an Apple computer and the Porsche 911 parked in the drive.

The New York-based artist doesn’t offer a conventional vision of the future, however. He creates “eroded” versions of today’s familiar items, as if they’ve been rediscovered as fossils.

Image Source: Hypebae
Image Source: Hypebae

“It’s about placing artwork in a context that’s unexpected and something people wouldn’t typically find in a place like Selfridges,” Arsham said of the installation.

Everything on display is essentially a tie-in with other brands, from the Porsche to the sportswear and festive decorations created with various studios. Looks like we can still look forward to plenty of hot collabs in 100 years’ time.

JME shuns digital album release

UK rapper JME took a defiantly old-school approach to releasing his long-awaited new album, Grime MC.

The Tottenham artist’s latest tracks won’t be appearing on anybody’s most-streamed Spotify playlist any time soon, as the release is available on vinyl and CD only – for now.

JME, co-founder of the Boy Better Know grime collective alongside older brother Skepta, said the album will find its way to digital platforms “in the future before I die”.

But the physical-only launch (supported by a throwback promo tour of HMV stores) is the perfect way for the artist to reinforce his no-frills approach and fiercely independent credentials. It’s also a reminder that creativity can still thrive in an industry where the dominance of the streaming monoliths increasingly goes unchallenged.

Album review coming soon (we just need to find a record player).

Diesel launches ‘world’s most expensive T-shirts’

Diesel has debuted a new line of T-shirts costing up to $5.5 million.

In reality, the obscene price tags are the brand’s typically outlandish way of announcing its new venture into real estate. Every T-shirt purchased comes with a Miami apartment thrown in ‘free’.

Image Source: Marcommnews
Image Source: Marcommnews

The Diesel Wynwood is development of 143 homes in the city created by Diesel Living in partnership with real estate company Bel-Invest. Floor plans for some of these individually designed penthouses and maisonettes feature on the T-shirts.

“With this campaign, Diesel, once again, decides to challenge conformity to create something totally unexpected,” founders Luca Lorenzini and Luca Pannese said in a statement.

The brand is definitely on a run of headline-grabbing campaigns, including the recent partnership with Samsonsite on a range of semi-transparent luggage and last year’s iconic Berlin kebab shop collab.

Dior taps up Stussy for Miami menswear show

Psychedelic beach vibes abounded when Dior hooked up with Shawn Stussy for its Fall 2020 menswear show in Miami.

The hype-friendly collab was masterminded by Dior artistic director Kim Jones, who brought the “streetwear OG” and Stussy founder out of retirement to reimagine Dior pieces.

Much like Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton, Jones has been praised for breathing fresh life into an iconic luxury brand through contemporary streetwear influences and impeccably chosen collaborators.

Stussy, the pioneering designer who turned California surf lifestyle into a global brand, said he was attracted by the opportunity to see his “loose, organic human artwork” combined with “couture levels of technique” by Dior.

With the collab market increasingly oversaturated, GQ noted that brands must “swing for the fences” to make sure their joint efforts really land. Jones, Dior and Stussy just hit a home run.


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