WEEK. 04.10.19

It's time for your Friday dose of WEEK. A look back at what's dropped over the last seven days.

Banksy sets up shop in Croydon

Artist-provocateur Banksy has opened a new shop/showroom/installation in Croydon featuring the Union Jack stab vest worn by Stormzy.

Other pieces on display at the ‘Gross Domestic Product’ store – “best viewed at night” according to the announcement on Instagram – include a Tony the Tiger rug and a cradle surrounded by CCTV cameras.

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter

Items from the store will be available to buy online, but supposedly there’s a reason for the venture beyond Banksy wanting to flog some product. He’s being threatened with legal action by a greetings card company and needs to protect his name by selling branded merchandise.

Cannabis brands reveal dope packaging

More than 350 brands rolled up to last month’s Hall of Flowers, the leading cannabis trade show in the US.

As the weed business continues to get bigger and more competitive, brands are stepping it up when it comes to branding and packaging. The Dieline’s highlights from the event prove how vibrant and innovative cannabis is at the moment.

Image Source: Dieline
Image Source: Dieline

Our favourites include Paradiso’s premium-looking pre-rolls and the playful use of vintage tobacco design cues from Sundae School. We’re moving to California to work on a farm.

Coke bottles become exclusive Diesel gear

Coca-Cola and Diesel have launched a joint venture that could soon have you waving your phone at the nearest recycling bin.

It’s a neat idea – an exclusive range of clothes made from recycled plastic bottles – delivered with a bit of that offbeat irony the clothing brand successfully mined last year for DIESEL X MUSTAFA (the kebab shop collab).

The ReCollection has already been showcased at Paris Fashion Week and will be available worldwide from October 7th. It’s a good look for both parties, proving again that two brands with no obvious connection will often produce more interesting collaborative work than the standard.

Strongbow Dark Fruit fashion is actually a thing

Ubiquitous pub favourite Strongbow Dark Fruit is taking its rabid cult following overground by launching a fashion line.

Yes, it’s true - the cider brand has developed its own take on streetwear, with a range of customisable hoodies, sweatshirts and tees now available.

Image Source: Strongbow
Image Source: Strongbow

Brand ambassador Liam Payne is the face of the launch. Not the one from One Direction, but a regular bloke from Orpington who enjoys drinking ‘SDF’ with his mates.

The campaign is intended as a send-up of self-important streetwear drops, we guess? It’s a bit bizarre, but if your weekend binge on the purple stuff has been incomplete without a ‘Dark Fruit You Beaut’ T-shirt, your prayers have been answered.

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