WEEK. 27.09.19

It's time for your Friday dose of WEEK. A look back at what's dropped over the last seven days.

Google X Versace X Jennifer Lopez

Sound like an unlikely pairing? That’s because it is.

The story starts way back in 2000 when J-Lo wore the now infamous ‘jungle print’ Versace gown to the Grammys. Photographs of the dress became the most searched image online, before Google images even existed. Thus, Google images was born. The J-Lo Jungle print dress didn’t break the internet, it helped build it.

Now nearly 20 years on, J-Lo walked the final slot in the Versace runway show in the exact same dress. As expected the internet went mad.

Google worked with Versace on the show to create invitations featuring a Google image search box, a ‘Hello Google’ installation to introduce J-Lo to the catwalk and a Google paint tool to paint the runway.

Image Source: Versace
Image Source: Versace

This was a marketing collaboration to end all marketing collaborations, but rather than showcasing any real design or fashion skills it simply played on nostalgia and technology. A sign of things to come?

Louis Vuitton X League of Legends

In last year's HighSnobeity ‘New Luxury’ white paper they reported that their readers were desperate to see brands make unexpected changes or collaborate in unexpected ways.

Well, Louis Vuitton has done just that this week with a collaboration with fantasy game, League of Legends. They have created a League of Legends World Championship Trophy Travel Case - designed by Nicolas Ghesquiére, the artistic director of Louis Vuitton Women’s - to be won by one lucky winner.

Image Source: HighSnobeity
Image Source: HighSnobeity

There’s also set to be a collection of in-game Louis Vuitton skins and a capsule collection.

Brands are learning, the more subversive and unexpected the collab the bigger the hype.

Spotify "Listen like you used to”

Spotify’s latest campaign taps into nostalgia, reminding people that whilst their lives may have changed since their Hacienda heydays their music taste lives on.

Image Source: Campaign
Image Source: Campaign

In an OOH campaign across London and Manchester, and on social, the campaign targets people who were coming of age between 1970 and 1999. This includes Gen X, a demographic increasingly ignored in favour of millennials, even though their purchasing power is higher.

Crown Apple Whisky trippy visuals

To promote their Regal Apple flavour, Canadian whisky brand Crown Royal has released a trippy video and tonnes of visuals to help them appeal to younger drinkers.

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

The super disruptive campaign breaks every stuffy code of whisky.

Whats more, the film and imagery contains loads of different vignettes, each with a different treatment of the bottle. This gives the impression that people can enjoy the whisky any way they like, making it accessible for all, not just the landed gentry.

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