Repping ZINE this week is our Account Manager, Alice Green, with three things she loves about her passion sport. Roller Derby.

1. You get to hit your friends

There aren’t many team sports out there for women where you intentionally knock someone over, hard, and then have a laugh about it afterwards. Or when, during practice, when one of your teammates sends you flying to the ground and you genuinely congratulate them for their awesome moves.

Roller Derby is a fast-paced, full contact sport played on quad skates around an oval-shaped track.

It’s played with two teams of up to 15 people, but only five skaters from each team are on the track at a time.

One player per team is designated as the jammer whose objective is to lap as many members of the opposing team as possible to score points. The latter players’ objective is to stop the jammer.

There are so many more rules, but you get the gist.

2. It’s colourful

On top of the already devastatingly brilliant gameplay, women's flat track roller derby is also a community.

It’s an inclusive, female-empowered environment that attracts women of all backgrounds, sexual orientations, ages, sizes, and shapes.

Nobody did Roller Derby in P.E, so everyone is starting from scratch.

Each and every member of my team, Arcadia Roller Derby (or ‘ARD as we like to call ourselves) is a Rockstar on and off the track.

We’re there to get the best from each other and to support each other.

To hit each other to the ground, and then tell each other how wonderful we are.

The meekest of ladies can learn to be assertive and proud. They can feel aggressive and elated at the same time.

3. It creates passion and joy

Women abandon their families (or drag them along), their domestic and professional duties and they compromise on “me time”, to be at practice.

There’s nothing like the feeling of wind in your face. The speed. Learning a new skill. Scoring a ton of points and even getting absolutely battered and exhausted by the end of it.

I started roller skating at 10 years old, took a 20-year break, found Roller Derby and won’t be looking back (unless I’m being chased down by a blocker who wants to hit me out).

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