Here it is. The first ZINE takeover of 2019.

Don't worry. It doesn't feature any "new year, new you" bullshit.

What it does include are some great recommendations if healthy foods are your usual kind of jam.

So, without further ado, here are three recommendations courtesy of our Senior Account Executive, Rachael Jebb.

The Doctors Kitchen

Perhaps my favourite podcast, Dr. Rupy Aujla is the Medical doctor behind the ‘Doctors Kitchen’, which is now also a cookbook.

Each episode focuses on evidence-based advice, with the belief that food is a source of medicine.

Lifestyle health has always interested me. I enjoy understanding the scientific benefits of foods. If someone tells you something is ‘healthy’, we rarely question why or what it does exactly. It’s a vegetable, so it must be good for you, right?

Dr. Rupy’s wholesome approach features guest speakers specialising in all areas, from oncologists, urologists, and immunologists. Yes, I didn’t know what any of these did beforehand.

Photo credit: thedoctorskitchen.com

Photo credit: thedoctorskitchen.com

It’s fascinating for those curious. Who knew lentils and other legumes may affect your mood? Or that eating within a 12-hour window can help you sleep better at night?

This podcast elevates the thoughts and opinions of experts in all fields and has helped me find other influencers like the ones below.

Instagram - @doctors_kitchen

Podcast - thedoctorskitchen.com/podcasts

The Skincare Bible

Dermatologist and author, Dr. Anjali Mahto is the brains behind all things skin health.

Her recent book - ‘The Skincare Bible’ - covers all you need to know about protecting your skin, looking for signs of change and what the ideal chemicals and products for your skin type are.

Photo credit: Waterstones Twitter
Photo credit: Waterstones Twitter

The clue is in the name really. An actual (skincare) bible!

Instagram - @anjalmahto

The Gut Health Doctor

Instagram - @theguthealthdoctor

Dr. Megan Rossi has appeared time and time again as a guest speaker on other podcasts.

She’s a leading dietician - specialising in gut health, based on Harley Street, London. Feeding the nation with science-led evidence, she’s even teamed up with LEON restaurants on a gut health initiative.

With all the recent surge in interest surrounding gut health and foods containing probiotics, Dr. Rossi has been the inspirational voice cutting through the noise, with real actual advice.

Photo credit: thegutstuff.com
Photo credit: thegutstuff.com

Stock up on that kimchi and kombucha. It really is good for your microbiome.

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