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Get ready to feel hungry.

3 Places to eat Thai food like a Thai person (in London)

When I tell people I’m half Thai one of the first things they say is that they love Thai food. Brilliant, because, me too!

Then comes “Can you cook Thai food?” and I say “Yes! My friends call me Thaigella.”

Now comes the bombshell.

“Wow I really love street food, I love Pad Thai.”


Please let me explain something. Nobody really eats Pad Thai in Thailand. It’s the cheese sandwich of Thai cuisine.

Pad See Ew, on the other hand - a thick, flat noodle dish, thick with wok char, smoky pork and greens is where it’s at. Now we’re talking street food. Now we’re talking the Land of Smiles.

And let’s put a lid on the Thai green curry and step into the world of the perfumed, texture-rich, jungle curry soups from the North, served with sticky rice. Or the turmeric heavy, coconutty dishes from Southern Thailand where our food culture bleeds with Malaysian culture.

Mouth watering? Here are three places to eat like a Thai person in London:

1) Smoking Goat, Shoreditch

Smoking Goat is all about the “aharn glam lao”, which is Thai for “drinking food”. Inspired by Bangkok’s late night canteens, the dishes are served in smaller portions, designed to be shared.

I’m talking a beer with friends and some smoked goat sausage with tumeric and chilli. Or fill up with their lardo-fried rice (take the cooked down back fat of an outdoor-reared Tamworth pig, then fry it up with rice, a little egg and a paste of chilli, garlic and coriander root. Plus whatever veggie offcuts are lying around).


2) Bangkok Delivery Boy, London

This is pure family style, home made comfort food, made by a ‘real Thai dude’.

Bangkok Delivery Boy delivers lunch boxes and dinners to your office, home or gathering. It’s like having a Thai best friend cook for you.

To pre-order your home-made thai food email - bangkokdeliveryboy@hotmail.com - or look out for his pop-ups and supper clubs.

His Instagram is worth the follow alone: @bangkokdeliveryboy.

3) Som Saa, London

Twitter nearly melted the day Som Saa launched their crowd-funding campaign to go from pop-up to permanent. They’d hoped to raise £550,000, but had to close the books when they hit £700,000. And the time taken to smash through their target? Less than three days.

Now open in a former fabric warehouse in Spitalfields, Som Saa serves no-holds-barred food from Thailand’s north-eastern provinces. Nothing is dumbed down, and for that, I am very thankful.

Follow Som Saa here - @somsaa_london.

So now you’ve been schooled, pull up a little pink plastic stool and practice saying “aroi mak mak” (delicious) and let's eat together.

Kop Khun Kha,


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