3 x Things you need to know about Fenty Beauty’s TikTok Mansion

Hype houses, clout houses, collab houses, whatever you want to call them, brands are catching on, and cashing in, on social-content houses. Here are three things you need to know about Fenty Beauty’s TikTok Mansion.

1. WTF is a TikTok House

TikTok homes serve as a gathering space for groups of influencers to collaborate, network and expand their following on the app. And while ‘home’ makes the concept feel somewhat humble, in reality we’re talking about $12 million rented mansions in Calabasas.

Collab houses have been around for years among Vine and YouTube users, now the TikTokers have arrived - and everything about TikTok happens faster than it does anywhere else.

TikTok houses are beneficial to influencers in lots of ways. Living together allows for more teamwork, which means faster growth. These power players live by the ‘elevate others to elevate yourself’ rule. And productivity is high – these clout houses have the ability to put out hundreds of TikToks a day to audiences of millions around the world.

2. Fenty First

While brands are still figuring out what TikTok is, Fenty Beauty is right on the money (again) and is the first brand to create a TikTok house, bringing a new meaning to ‘brand home’.

Image: Tik Tok

Much of Fenty Beauty’s success so far has been attributed to the brand’s social media strategy and outreach. Fenty’s YouTube tutorials received over 100 million views in one month and Rihanna’s promotion of her own products to her 80 million Instagram followers doesn’t hurt either.

Now, Rihanna’s new venture into the world of TikTok houses marks one of the most high-profile endorsements of the concept we’ve seen.

3. Handpicked Housemates

The home will serve as headquarters for a rotating group of “housemates” – aka TikTok influencers – who will produce Fenty Beauty-inspired videos across their accounts, as well as the Fenty Beauty TikTok account.

Rihanna explained the inspiration behind the idea: “I just wanted to create a platform for the next wave of content creators, I think our generation is the sickest, the illest, the most creative. I can’t do it alone, so to join in with the people who are influencing the world, my community, my generation, this is like a hub.”

Image: Tik Tok

The first round of housemates included TikTok talent Challxn, Emmy Combs and Savannah Palacio, who have since been keeping viewers entertained, contoured and highlighted – with Fenty Beauty products featured front and centre, of course.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Fenty Mansion has temporarily closed its doors, with the promise to re-open when safe to do so.

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