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Nike makes Space Hippie sneakers from scraps

Nike’s Space Hippie shoes, made with leftover scraps from the factory floor, could usher in a new era of circular design in footwear.

The brand has unveiled four silhouettes from the exploratory collection, which uses what it calls ‘Space Waste Yarn’ (100% recycled material) to create Nike trainers with the lowest ever carbon footprint score.

John Hoke, the brand’s chief design officer, said the products explore the possibilities of turning waste into something beautiful and should be viewed as “an artefact from the future”.

He added: “Space Hippie attacks the villain of trash. It's changed the way we look at materials, it's changed the way that we look at the aesthetics of our product.”

Image Source: thedieline
Image Source: thedieline

We’ve seen growing evidence that environmentally-conscious practices can win consumers over, but the emerging trend for ‘hedonistic sustainability’ is encouraging leading brands to have fun and take risks in this space as well.

Budweiser opens influencer hotel in Miami

Budweiser went to Miami for Super Bowl weekend with 200 “Kings of Culture” in tow.

A hotel populated exclusively by influencers may be a nightmare if you’re a regular guest looking to relax, but for brands it’s a dream vacation. Budweiser is the latest big name to jump on the hotel takeover trend, inviting the gang of content curators and tastemakers (each with at least one million followers) for a three-day shindig at the Nautilus by Arlo in South Beach.

AB InBev’s vice-president of global brands Richard Oppy said the BudX event was “a great opportunity for creators to demonstrate their skillset and their capabilities on a big stage”. The brand was hoping to garner more than one billion impressions from influencer posts over the weekend.

One highlight of the event, if you like this sort of thing, was the unveiling of the new SelfieBud: a special label designed as a mirror image, so it flips to show the actual label and logo when people take a selfie with their beer bottle.

Image Source: Adweek
Image Source: Adweek

With Instagram exploring the end of visible likes and high-profile debacles like Fyre Festival, 2019 saw many industry experts predicting the death of influencer marketing. On this evidence, Budweiser is toasting the sector’s continued vitality.

Evian and Virgil Abloh drop water collab

Evian have teamed up with the busiest man in fashion Virgil Abloh on a new project called Activate Movement.

The collaboration includes a 750ml glass bottle and two coloured refillable bottles designed by Abloh, all designed to support a new grant for sustainability-focused design projects.

Virgil and Evian are offering €50,000 to one person aged between 18 and 35 who impresses them with an environmentally-conscious idea. Entries are made by scanning a QR code on the glass bottle.

“A single drop can be the starting point of positive change,” the Off-White and Louis Vuitton designer said. “Every idea has to start somewhere, so we were thinking what if we could create that place? A place to empower the new generation.”

Image Source: BI
Image Source: BI

Abloh is on a creative hot streak that shows no sign of abating. Described by Vogue as “fashion’s Midas”, he’s revealed plans to design a capsule collection for Louis Vuitton’s new partnership with the NBA – and recently found time to create the visual identity for Rage Against the Machine’s highly anticipated reunion tour.

KFC and Moonpig couple up for Valentine’s Day

Moonpig came through with the perfect Valentine’s Day treat for fried chicken lovers – a special range of cards created in partnership with KFC.

The limited series contained something for everyone, with a scratch-and-sniff card emitting the famous scent of KFC’s Original Recipe chicken and another asking the lucky recipient “Wanna cluck?”

Image Source: Creative Review
Image Source: Creative Review

One of the cards also gave a subtle nod to KFC’s recently launched vegan burger with a message of devotion suitable for those on plant-based diets: “Will you be my vegan-tine?”

The card-maker, which initiated the collab, told Creative Review that the two brands just clicked on account of their similar approach to “funny, light-hearted, cheeky humour”.

This seems like a good moment to remind everyone to spare a thought for the Moonpig employees who, in the run-up to Valentine’s Day, are tasked with censoring the personal photos sent in by customers for their amorous missives. “Let’s say there are things I wouldn’t want my wife or mum to see,” production manager Mick Perry told the Guardian last year.


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