Botanic Lab Rebrand

Botanic Lab

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The Challenge

To bring a fresh brand personality to one of the emerging disruptors of the soft drinks industry; a brand with a thirst for innovation, and a desire to challenge the status quo.

Since 2014, Botanic Lab has been creating a wide range of unique and distinctive drinks, in a wide range of formats.

In 2018, they were the first UK brand to develop a CBD soft drink. Now they needed a brand identity that lived up to this progressive personality.

Our Response

The health drink market is growing rapidly, with new competitors popping up all the time. But the truth is, it’s very difficult to differentiate one brand from another. The health industry seemed to be about blending into trends, not standing out and carving your own path.

This wouldn’t do for a brand like Botanic Lab. A brand advocating change, charged with the ammunition to re-define the category

Our design approach for Botanic Lab is intended to give us maximum stand-out. We’ve distilled the founder’s progressive attitude into a sleek, grown-up, alternative to the current health drinks category.

From this desire to stand-out, and improve product navigation, we’ve used an emboldened leaf inspired by the brand’s rebellious take on botanics.

This new symbol, the lightning leaf, works to create recognition across the full portfolio, with colour differentiating flavours, product benefits and product lines.

We’ve taken colours from nature and amplified them. Much like Botanic Lab does when they blend natural ingredients to their fullest effect. Black, the original colour of rebellion, gives us the contrast we need for our flavour cues to catch the eye, whilst differentiating the brand amongst the competitor set.

Tone of voice

But for a brand with so much to say we couldn’t leave it there. The design demands the industry take note and we wanted a tone of voice that would do the same. Embodying the brand’s attitude in a newly developed tone of voice we created attention-grabbing names and playful romance copy emblazoned on-pack.

Designed to be provocative, on and off pack, the new tone of voice sets Botanic Lab apart as a straight-talking challenger who isn’t afraid to cause a stir. There are far too many serious health brands out there, and we had no intention of being yet another one. These drinks are about pleasure, after all.


The design isn’t just intended to stand out on-shelf, but also on our consumer’s social feed. We know consumers are more and more active in sharing the brands they’re trying on social media and we wanted to ensure our brand was the one they’d want to be seen with.


Botanic Lab Rebrand
Botanic Lab Rebrand
“ I couldn't be happier with the fresh new identity and creative partnership found in LOVE. The rebrand really expresses my values and the progressive direction I want the health industry to follow. The reception so far has been amazing, and we're really excited to shake up the drinks shelf once again”
Rebekah Hall - Botanic Lab CEO + Founder
Botanic Lab Rebrand