BrewDog Zealot's Heart Gin

BrewDog Distilling Co

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The Challenge

BrewDog's Distilling Co.'s new premium gin is a heady product of obsession. To cut through in a crowded category, they wanted to launch the spirit with a brand identity reflecting their deep devotion to the distiller's craft.

Our Response

We understood that this is a gin by purists, for purists. While others compete to achieve the latest niche flavour or the most eclectic botanical recipes, BrewDog is pressing forward with an unwavering focus on the ingredient at the heart of every great gin: juniper.

Delving into the distillation process, we discovered that the spirit is made using five times more juniper that the average gin. No fewer than 197 recipes were trialled to find the perfect blend of ingredients, with 16 other botanicals carefully selected to complement the intense juniper hit.

Bringing to life the quasi-religious fervour of BrewDog's approach, Zealot's Heart was born. This is a gin to worship.

Label Illustration

We commissioned the award-winning artist Steven Noble to create the label illustration. His scratchboard style was perfect for a story of obsession. Steven uses this engraving technique to create precise, highly detailed images. With scratchboard, as with the pursuit of perfection in gin, the artist gradually carves away the dark to reveal the light.


For a gin that inspires devotion, the label was created to feel like a piece of holy scripture. Steven's illustration contains a number of discoverable details that allude to the meticulous distillation process, with each of the botanicals deemed worthy of the Zealot's Heart listed on the back.

The Bottle

To contain a liquid that is unlike all other gins, we needed a unique bottle structure. BrewDog's story of obsessive experimentation inspired our apothecary-style container, with the vivid blue glass providing a modern twist on this classic silhouette. A bottle with the boldness and intensity to match the flavour of the gin inside.


Key Visuals

Zealot's Heart receives the adulation it deserves in our suite of key visuals, the bottle placed on a stone plinth and enshrined in neon blue. Storytelling elements, including the chosen botanicals and our 'holy number' 197, are used to frame this object of worship.


The Book of Zealot

For those uninitiated in the way of the zealot, we created a brand playbook. Follow these guidelines and immerse yourself in a world where obsession makes perfection.


BrewDog Zealot's Heart Gin
BrewDog Zealot's Heart Gin