Jacamo Fits 2017


TV, Art Direction, Content Creation

Be the boss

For the 2017 phase of the Jacamo Fits campaign, we wanted to show a range of real men being 'fitted out' by Jacamo. This was a big departure for the brand, as the previous four years had all featured their brand ambassador, Freddie Flintoff.

Our campaign centres around Jacamo men completely owning the scenario they find themselves in. Whatever they are doing, whether that's bog snorkelling or speed dating, they look sharp and totally boss the situation.

We used a range of guys to represent the huge size offering from Jacamo product from small to 5XL.



Knowing that the Jacamo guy is a big fan of social media, we’ve used our campaign vignettes to create a series of GIFs that will be shared on a bunch of different platforms.


Extended Content

As well as making ads that show Jacamo’s clothes fit, we’ve also made some pretty exciting extended content to fit every occasion that’s featured within each ad. From relevant editorial pieces to comical illustrations, we’ve made 2017 the year of Jacamo’s engagement. And ‘Jacamo Fits.’ is the driving force behind every bit of content. It’s even got its own hashtag.


Jacamo Fits 2017