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Mason Cash

Packaging Design

The Challenge

Turn a household classic into a distinguishable brand desired by younger and international audiences.

Mason Cash is a classic heritage brand that dates back to 1800. Its iconic mixing bowl is an instantly recognisable design classic and, in fact, the brand of choice on the Great British Bake Off. The seal of approval was there, but the design needed to live up to it.

Our Response

We went back to the brand’s rich British heritage to create a bold, distinctive approach to the packaging.

With such a unique and loved look and feel, it seemed only right to give the product the spotlight. Inspired by the hero mixing bowl, we decided to showcase the diagonal motif from the rim of the bowl front-and-centre on the design.

As for product photography, we kept it Mary Berry style - simple and iconic. Removing unnecessary distractions to re-enforce Mason Cash's iconic status in the category and shooting the products in isolation to highlight their beauty and intricacy.

Packaging Design, Branding
Packaging Design, Branding

Brand Identity

To appeal to this new audience, the brand needed a new identity. Our research found that consumers recognised the mixing bowl, but didn’t always know the brand name. There was brand recognition, just in the wrong place. So it was a no-brainer for us: work with illustrator, Deanna Halsall, to bring the iconic mixing bowl into the logo – a simple design with heaps of brand recognition.


Packaging Design, Branding


The packaging design is rooted in the 200-year history, craft and provenance of the brand heritage; telling the brand story through design intricacies, such as archive photography and original master potter, Bossy Mason’s, signature.
The design principles were created to work across the vast portfolio of products and collections in the Mason Cash range.


Packaging Design, Branding
Packaging Design, Branding

The Results

The new packaging has been very well received globally. Mason Cash now have a dedicated display in Debenhams and Harrods, an exciting first for the brand.