Penfolds Campaign Development

Special Bottlings

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The Challenge

Penfolds is a name synonymous with wine, creating remarkable liquids since 1844. To showcase that wine-making expertise further, and build upon Penfolds’ flourishing reputation in the luxury category, they decided to launch “Penfolds Special Bottlings” - a more experimental sub-brand to sit within spirits and fortified.

Our task was to develop a global platform and TTL campaign to launch this exciting new offer.

Our Response

Inspired by the past, with one eye on the future, Penfolds has a long history of innovation. We chose to amplify their never-ending pursuit for perfection with a new visual world. A world where tradition meets innovation, and where premium craft and modern methods go hand in hand.

Using the first two offerings in the range, Lot. 1990 (Pot-Distilled Single Batch Brandy) and Lot. 518 (Spirited Wine with Baijiu) we placed the new product into this rich visual world to bring the story of our collection to life.

Penfolds Campaign Development
Penfolds Campaign Development

Key Visual

With the help of Sam Hofmann behind the lens, we crafted detailed, story-rich scenes for each new product.

Laboratory-precision complemented the premium feel of the finished product. Individual scenes were layered with storytelling elements: grains used in making the liquid alongside materials used in the process, such as stone, oak and copper.

Each key visual utilises a colour palette inspired by the liquid itself. This was then seamlessly weaved with additional brand colours to unite the range.


Penfolds Campaign Development
Penfolds Campaign Development


This visual world was developed in conjunction with a global retail toolkit – a luxury tasting space filled with bespoke Penfolds lab equipment.

Laboratory cues were used throughout, but always with our premium finish or twist – rows of copper flasks, a heavy set wood-end lab bench, red pipettes, wooden lab drawers, sliding red-fluted glass lab shelving, and flask-shaped lighting. Penfolds iconic branding was displayed proudly across light-boxes as physical signage.


"Inspired by the past, influenced by the present and with one eye fixed firmly on the future."
Penfolds -


To help launch the campaign we wanted to give provenance to Penfolds innovation story. We created a series of cinemagraphs and an accompanying film to tell the story of Penfolds’ wine-making past and the wine-making legends who pushed liquid development. Each was visually rich, detailed and historically factual. These stories dovetailed seamlessly into the “Penfolds Special Bottlings” story, illustrating the never- ending spirit of innovation.