Umbro Our Game Mural


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The Challenge

Born in Manchester, raised in Manchester. For 95 years Umbro has been proud to call this city home. To mark such a special milestone, Umbro wanted to celebrate the game they love with the people of Manchester in a way that would bring the brand and the city together.

Not an easy task. Especially in a place that’s known for its cutting humour and healthy cynicism.

Our Response

Being a Manchester agency ourselves, we knew a traditional campaign wouldn’t do the job.

We wanted to create a piece of work people could be a part of, and truly value.

We also knew that some brands had scored own goals in the past, failing miserably to consider local opinion; plastering overbearing commercial messages on city walls, with no relevance to the city or its people.

To avoid this, we made the people of Manchester a central part of the idea. It would be their opinions on the beautiful game that we brought to life.

Real opinions on football that would resonate with the football-mad city we love.

The mural

To kick things off, we reached out to the people of Manchester through Instagram and Twitter with #umbromanchester and asked them the question, ‘What does football mean to you?’.

From the wide variety of responses we received, we began the process of whittling it down to our chosen 11.

Whilst the tweets were coming in, we were busy searching out the perfect spot in town.

Shudehill provided us with fantastic visibility, and the response to the mural has been overwhelmingly positive. A win for Umbro, and the people of Manchester.

A great result all around.


“Once again, LOVE’s response to the brief delivered on every level. We continuously aim to set ourselves apart from the competition, who tend to go for serious tones and over-claims. Instead, we showcase what makes our football boots world class, using down to earth language and keeping football culture at the heart"
Helene Hope - Head of Global Marketing for UMBRO
Umbro Our Game Mural