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Fresh from a journey into deep space, Penfolds asked us: “Where next?” We showed them their reflection in another uncharted realm.


Penfolds thirst for adventure knows no bounds. Still orbiting after the space-inspired brand platform we built and launched in 2022, they asked us for a new creative territory to explore. So where do you go after space? We needed a thematic to deliver on Penfolds ‘Venture Beyond’ positioning and to help them drive recruitment globally. We looked to something that connects us all, yet remains an infinite source of wonder and intrigue: the ocean.


Building on the insight that we know more about space than what’s under the sea, we took Penfolds on a deep dive. With 95% of our oceans still unexplored, it was an uncharted realm that would complement their pioneering spirit. Since 1844, the wine producer has never shied away from looking below the surface of the ordinary. We knew shining the brand story through the lens of deep sea exploration would engage and delight the right audience.

Like the previous release, Penfolds had the New Luxurian in their sights. Driven by the discovery of out-of-the-ordinary luxury, these culture-first consumers have flipped the script. Eschewing old-school ostentatiousness in favour of unique products and experiences that accentuate their individuality, they’ve inspired the world’s biggest luxury brands to rip up the rules and play by theirs. Our Deep Dive thematic put Penfolds in the game.


A literal, straightforward take on the ocean wouldn’t have met Penfolds’ ambition. Or washed with their target audience. So we looked at the ocean through wine tinted goggles. Our aim was to create a subaquatic fantasy world, bubbling with imagination and pops of storytelling, that invited consumers to take a deeper dive into the brand.

Featuring corkscrew fish, vineyard kelp forests, wine glass coral and, of course, a red-suited Penfolds scuba diver, our vision was brought to life by Melbourne-based digital artist Mikaela Stafford. Her richly vibrant and playful style gave our thematic the dream-like depth and intrigue needed to take Penfolds into uncharted territory.


Our limited edition Penfolds Scuba Mask wine box carried the concept straight into the consumers hands. Combining Mikaela’s stunning new depths through a different lens, it gave Penfolds the cut-through needed – on product and at retail – in the hyper-competitive gifting space.


Penfolds are well on their way to becoming the definitive global leader in luxury wine. By continually pushing creative boundaries with playful and innovative brand campaigns, they are beginning to transcend their category. Like a true luxury icon. Deep Dive successfully extended the Venture Beyond messaging and further embedded the luxury codes required to drive Penfolds global appeal among New Luxurian consumers.


Kristy Keyte, Chief Marketing Officer at Penfolds says: “We are proud to unveil our new global thematic ‘Venture Beyond 2023’ to the world. Driven by self-belief and pioneers by nature, Penfolds continues to journey into the unknown, looking beneath the surface to explore the depths of possibility. Our latest venture into the deep sea is a testament to this, allowing us to activate our brand values and DNA in unexpected, creative, and consistent ways across global platforms.”

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