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Post-pandemic, Wiggle wanted to keep pace with the rise in active lifestyle keep-fitters. In a category full of ultra-serious attitude and bullish brand behaviour, we saw room for them on the fun side of sport.


If lockdown taught us anything, it’s that the benefits of exercise go far beyond the physical. So when a new wave of fitness fans emerged post-pandemic, Wiggle saw an opportunity to celebrate the less fanatical, more social side of exercise, and give both enthusiasts and elite athletes what they were looking for. They needed a brand identity that captured the joy of sport in all its breathless glory, while remaining true to its expert reputation. We limbered up.


We noticed sports brands putting too much emphasis on the pain and gain, and not enough on the joy. With Wiggle, we wanted to focus on the elation activity brings and make them the undisputed champions of positive movement; the kind of brand you’d want on your team. So what kind of person would they be? Simple: a mate that’s always positive, always motivating and always up for it. From 5am wake-up calls to post-cycle pints, we positioned Wiggle as the always-on partner in fun and fitness.


The ‘Always up for it’ brand positioning and personality led us to develop a visual identity with a distinctly human energy. A hand-drawn wordmark, bespoke suite of icons and vibrant colour palette combined with a bold and playful brand voice gave Wiggle the brand refresh they needed. Inspired by motion and in tune with a more lighthearted and democratic attitude to fitness, the new Wiggle brand was designed to motivate at every level.

Photography from Percy Dean, produced in collaboration with local running, swimming, and cycling clubs, as well as community hiking groups, helped us capture real exercise moments for retail and campaign comms that feel relatable as well as aspirational. Ed Cracknell, head of brand at Wiggle, said it like this: ‘We wanted to bring some soul and warmth to what is sometimes an ultra-serious category’.

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