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Raku Inoue
Illustrator & CGI Artist

Following four successful Lunar New Year campaigns, Glenfiddich were looking to continue the celebration. We saw an opportunity to elevate and innovate.


For the past four years, LOVE and Glenfiddich have been celebrating Lunar New Year with eye-catching limited editions. After a series of highly successful packs focused on the journeys made during the festive season, we were tasked with taking the story in a new direction.

Trend research suggested that, post-pandemic, Chinese city-dwellers were looking to get back to nature to rejuvenate and revitalize. The brand wanted a limited edition pack design that would mirror these movements, while driving conversation and sales for their Asia Pacific markets. To appeal to those shopping in the luxury gifting market, we needed to create a bold and celebratory pack that would continue the successes of previous years.


For 2024, we wanted to look beyond the existing journey-led narrative, instead spotlighting the beauty of nature to mark the first restriction-free celebration in four years. A nod to the migration from city to countryside, we used our pack to parallel Lunar New Year’s ability to reconnect people with the great outdoors – bringing to life themes of fresh beginnings and hope for the future.


With 2024 being the Year of the Wood Dragon, we united this mystical figure with Glenfiddich’s iconic Royal Stag, enlisting the help of Japanese multidisciplinary artist, Raku Inoue. Inoue’s impressive portfolio sees him source fresh flowers and other organic materials to recreate different animals and environments, before photographing the arrangements to create cleverly curated compositions.

Using the Wood Dragon as his inspiration, Inoue recreated the Stag from flora and fauna, as well as different ingredients and tasting notes. The result was a pack that celebrates nature in its purest, most beautiful form.


The outcome transformed the mood of the times into a story that embraces the wonder of Lunar New Year. Amplifying the pack further, we created key visuals, retail elements and OOH opportunities as well as a campaign toolkit to support the rollout.

Like previous years, we also created an animation to expand on our on-pack storytelling. Exploring the different elements of Inoue’s design, the short video uses ethereal and natural movement to build a world in which the Stag can blossom and come to life.

Combined with on and off-pack visuals, as well as our campaign line, we created a world that could help Glenfiddich toast ‘to blossoming futures’ in every market.


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