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When Diageo enlisted us to explore smaller formats for Scotch, we saw that smartphone culture could be the future of an embattled category.


Scotch whisky was under pressure, with new tax regulation increasing prices by as much as 50% in some emerging markets. For a category relying on middle-class consumers for growth, this was a major challenge. Diageo briefed us to open up a new audience for Scotch with a smaller, more affordable format.


We created Pocket Scotch. A portable whisky format inspired by the shape and proportions of a smartphone, ready for any occasion.

Structure and silhouette

‘The Pocket’ was designed around the portable ergonomics of a mobile device, already one of the most ubiquitous silhouettes in modern culture. Our product design team prototyped a range of options before starting production trials, which included 3D printed mock-ups.

Launching the next big(little) thing

We developed a launch animation, a global comms and retail toolkit for rollout, and a further through-the-line brand toolkit tailored to local markets with assets for digital advertising, retail and comms.

Pocket popularity  

The Pocket Scotch packs surpassed annual sales targets in just two months, with demand significantly outstripping supply across Asia and the Americas. 

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